From its inception in 1993 through 1999, LM Capital Securities conducted an extensive securities underwriting, sales and trading business. This experience provided the firm a breadth and depth of knowledge about the capital markets unique for an investment firm of its size. This extensive experience in structuring financings enables LM Capital to provide expert advice on pricing and arranging public or private offerings.

Since 1999, LM Capital has focused on utilizing its underwriting, sales and trading experience to advise mid sized companies on financial strategies for growth and improved profitability. By specializing on providing advice rather than being paid commissions for trading, LM Capital can be more objective in its recommendations and long term in its perspective.

Extensive knowledge and capabilities in all aspects of the financial markets enable the firm to effectively bridge the gap between the needs of companies raising financing and the demands of investors. This has built strong relationships for LM Capital with major investment firms and business development organizations throughout Florida and the U.S.

LM Capital's success in underwriting, sales and trading complemented its venture capital financings and enabled the firm to add value to businesses both large and small. The firms experience with the capital markets enhanced its investment banking and corporate advisory activities, and provided smaller firms the opportunity to better access institutional and other investors.

Contact us directly for our advice on your corporate financing needs. Our experience in raising large amounts of capital gives us valuable insight that can add significantly to your growth and profitability.


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